Welcome Program at the 2014 TASH Conference

A unique feature of the TASH Conference is not just the presence of self-advocates, families, professionals, researchers, policy-makers and others; it’s our working together that helps us achieve equity, opportunity and inclusion for people with disabilities. We seek your help to facilitate the creation and expression of the TASH community at the 2014 conference. We want to make sure that attendees feel welcome at their first TASH conference.

The purpose of this program is to expedite the immersion of first time attendees into the TASH Conference by pairing them with ‘veteran’ attendees who would like to volunteer as hosts.

How the Program Works:

Volunteer to be a host? We will connect you with first time attendees during the early stages of the conference. Commonalities will be sought, e.g., interest area, geography, language, etc.

Host duties include:

  • Greet 1st Timers, get a sense of their interests, connect them with people, and advise on workshops;
  • Share your TASH experience; and
  • Encourage their ongoing participation via membership, committees, and publications; whatever their interest.

Request a Host?

  • The Host might contact you before the conference to arrange a time to meet and to discuss workshops; and
  • Commonalities will be sought, e.g., interest area, geography, language, etc.

So don’t wait and complete your interest form today HERE

If you have questions or comments, please contact Susie Shafer at susie.schaefer@comcast.net

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

The Diversity and Cultural Competency Committee and The Conference & Training Committee