Terri Ward

Dr. Ward is the Chair of the Literacy and Special Education Department at the College of Saint Rose. The College has prepared teachers for dual certification in special and general education for over 15 years. Dr. Ward is also a member of the TASH Board, and the current TASH Training and Conference Committee Chair.

Dr. Ward has been involved with TASH activities for nearly twenty-five years, as a student member, a state member, and as a professional teacher educator and researcher. When she entered graduate school, special education and services to children and families with significant support needs was about benevolence and care-taking. According to Dr. Ward “it was only through early involvement with TASH that I began to understand the meaning of advocacy, professional development, and the importance of research and policy on local and national levels. My early exposure to TASH’s mission and values enabled me to become a strong advocate for children with disabilities and their families, often in contrast to practices at the time. I spent my teaching career in New York and Florida teaching in center-based schools, public schools, and inclusive situations. ”

She became an active TASH supporter on the state level, collaborating with others through her work with the Florida Inclusion Network. Since then she continues to support inclusive education as a teacher educator in New York.

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