Kerima Cevik

Kerima Çevik

Kerima Çevik  is a member of the Autism Women’s Network Committee on Autism & Ethnicity, contributing blogger to The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism,  and a parent activist for Autism and Social Justice. She was a participant in the Autism Education Project, and has spoken at Autism and Disability Rights conferences and workshops. She is a married mother of two children, world traveler. She is currently homeschooling her adventurous, school-aged son Mustafa, who is intensely Autistic and nonspeaking. Mrs. Çevik gave written testimony before the Maryland State Assembly in support of HB269/SB540 Child With A Disability – Individualized Education Program, which became law in May of 2010 and continues working with legislators in support of Autism training for first responders. Her first effort was HB 361, a bill modeled on similar legislation presented before the Massachusetts Legislature by Autistic disability advocate Lydia Brown. HB-361 was shelved after all stakeholders agreed to a regulatory mandate for autism awareness training instead. Mrs.Çevik’s professional and personal experience spans several countries, continents, and cultures, and includes work in translation and localization, project management, language instruction, and information systems management.
  • Company/Org:Autism Women's Network Committee on Autism & Ethnicity
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