Which Road to Take: The Transitional Process for Students With ASD

Adults with high-functioning face many obstacles to establishing stability and independence in their lives. Drawing on his own experiences the presenter will explore what skills and strategies are needed for a successful transition to adulthood for individuals with high-functioning autism. The presentation will be wide ranging, examining education, employment, finding and keeping a job, making friends, relationships and managing finances. As a result of this presentation, participants will: 1. Participants will learn strategies that will help students succeed in the transition process. 2. Educators will be given a practical and more methodical approach towards the transitional process for students with high-functioning ASD. 3. Individuals will learn how to overcome different obstacles in the process of transition. 4. Participants will learn about the process of transition from a first person experience from an educator that lives with autism. This will occur through the presenter relating to events in his own life and will offer practical solutions. 5. Participants will learn to buifd the foundations of process earlier in order to better prepare students for transition to a post-secondary world.

John Miller