Using the Internet to Facilitate Self-Advocacy and Advance the Disability Rights Movement

The Internet gives disabled people a chance to discuss their lived experiences and take part in the wider disability rights movement. This presentation seeks to answer the question: How has the Internet ushered in a new wave of the disability rights movement and how, as the Internet grows, can we ensure that the nation’s largest minority remains a force both on and offline?

After this TASH Talk, participants will be able to:

a) discuss various Internet initiatives run primarily by disabled people that have provided disabled people with community and advocated for change on a broader level.

b) name and describe various ways of advocating on the Internet (social media, blogs, online petitions, etc.)

c) utilize Internet resources, with or without assistance, in order to advocate for themselves or others (join a social media group, start a blog, sign an online petition, etc.)

d) search and find other Internet resources (blogs, articles, online petitions, social media groups, etc.) through search engines or links on other websites that address disability culture, history, or activism.