Universal Design for Learning PLUS: Curriculum & Instruction that Accommodates ALL Learners

Universal Design for Learning is NOW! but it is not clear how UDL instruction can accommodate students with significant disabilities. This session will present a process and form for planning accessible, culturally competent general education units that accommodate the wide range of student diversity. The “PLUS” part of the presentation will demonstrate the supports that may be needed by students with the most significant disabilities. After this session, participants will be able to: 1. Describe 3 principles of universal design for learning and give examples of the in action at the elementary and secondary levels. 2. Use a systematic planning process for designing universally accessible general education units that address the Common Core State Standards and reflect cultural competence. 3. Identify for students with the most significant disabilities priority learning goals, enduring understandings, vocabulary, knowledge and skills, and supports needed for them to have full access to UDL lessons. 4. Show how students’ IEP objectives can be addressed with UDL lessons. 5. Share with others examples of elementary and secondary UDL PLUS unit designs as a form of advocacy for inclusive education.

Cheryl Jorgensen