Transition to Post Secondary Education: Review of the First Cohort Outcomes

The presentation will highlight the results of the first cohort of students completing a post secondary education transition program on a college campus. The Career Independent Living and Learning Studies (CILLS) program at East Stroudsburg University. The presentation will discuss their experiences including off campus housing and learning from their peers without disabilities through their participation in the campus social life. As a result of this session, participants will be able to: Learn about post secondary education program for students with intellectual disabilities and the outcomes from such programs. The session will provide a description of the program, how it began and has evolved and the outcomes of the first cohort of students to complete the program. The session will also help parents understand the options available to them as they consider transition options for their children and how post secondary can occur. The session will also help teachers and university faculty understand the challenges of such programs but also how to develop, design and implement the college experience for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Funding will also be discussed.

Domenico Cavaiuolo, Brian Berry