Transition Planning and Mentorship

Transitioning to adulthood presents a whole new unique set of challenges and opportunities.  Gateway’s 15 years of experience with transition planning gives us a wide range of tools and experiences, including formal coursework and a peer mentorship group to help guide this process.  Our mentorship model has also been used for brokers, front-line staff, a dad’s group, and parents of young children.


a. Define transition planning and why it has unique challenges as well as being an incredible time of opportunity to dream.

b. Understand how to build a life with service of supports as only a small component. c. Be able to support their staff in transition from caregivers to life coaches.

d. Produce a vision for long term planning both for individuals who are likely to get funding as an adult and for those who will not receive funding in adulthood.

e. Navigate from one funding body to another with confidence f. Identify at least 3 effective tools for transitioning to adulthood

g. Apply some of the tools presented to their own unique situation.