The Future of Dyadic Interviewing

This session will discuss an emerging new method for participatory research, Dyadic Interviewing. It will also engage a dialogue about how this methodology can be developed for future research to increase the inclusion and self-determination of research participants and partners with intellectual disabilities.  This includes brainstorming ways that we might do joint interviews.

Participants will learn what Dyadic Interviewing is, including its history and how it has been used in intellectual disability research thus far. Participants will also be engaged in a discussion and brainstorming session about how dyadic interviewing could be improved and how joint dyadic interviewing might be developed. This will involve learning about participatory research approaches and thinking critically about the role that people with intellectual disabilities have had in research in order to discuss how we might work together to improve methodology to make it more inclusive and self-determined.

Kate Caldwell, Tia Nellis