The Broker Model: Allowing Families to be Families

Family members who are the primary support for individuals often facilitate tasks such as human resources and payroll and this time and energy commitment takes away from being a family and leads to caregiver burnout. Families can also find it challenging to objectively look at situations, leading to unintentional barriers to inclusion.  The broker model delegates these tasks and helps families be families again.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

a. Recognize that lacking respite care is causing a crisis for families.

b. Define the broker model and role of the broker.

c. Understand how a broker supports family being family and why this is so important.

d. See how a broker can help with long term planning for when children have outlived their parents.

e. Understand how a broker can ask as a buffer that allows parents who are resistant to an independent life to step back.

f. Recognize how a broker can help prevent caregiver burnout.

g. Identify what areas and roles a broker could support their unique situation.

h. Approach funders to support the broker model.

i. Understand the importance of being family member first.

j. Understand 3 ‘journeys’ through sharing of individual stories and experiences.

Cindy de Bruijn, Vickie Mancini, Oxanna Lozowy