Ten Year Commitment to Full Inclusion

A charter middle school shares its ten year commitment to full inclusion.  General and special education teachers will discuss the strategies, procedures, and systems that have been put into practice in order to provide quality inclusive practices, including: a school-wide focus on social justice, rigor and high expectations for all students, co-teaching, planning and assessing, continuous professional development, and dedicated teaming time.    After this session participants will be able to:  • Identify qualitative indicators of inclusive practices and articulate numerous strategies used by the charter school for creating a fully inclusive school • Identify foundations of the school that support full inclusion such as: an intentional school wide commitment to embracing diversity on all levels, an advisory model, transdisciplinary curriculum projects, rigor and relevance framework, expeditionary learning, dedicated planning time, on-going, specific student designed professional development, and innovative use of the special education teacher.   • Take away knowledge about how to implement or support inclusive practices in their own environments, by asking questions of presenters during the presentation. • Analyze elements of co-teaching, co-planning, and co-assessing and how teachers work together to prioritize learning for all students.

Sherry Mulholland, Chris Eaves