TASH’s National Advocacy of a Research Agenda for Inclusive Education

As a result of the call from Horner and Dunlap (2012) to focus research on inclusive values and strong science, researchers now advocate for enhancements in contextal supports for student capacity; as well as evidence-based interventions for inclusive settings. In response, TASH Inclusive Education National Committee launched discussions with researchers and practitioner focus groups to articulate a clear and compelling research advocacy agenda. Attendees will be able to: 1. Learn from members of the TASH IE National Agenda the current status of research focused on inclusive education. 2. Identify 3 essential areas of focus for continuing critical research specifically focusing on inclusive education at the levels of (a) policy & systems change; (b) building and classroom supports; and (c) interventions for student development & learning. 3. Discuss critical issues facing researchers, practitioners and consumers involved in advocating for research and practices that promote fully inclusive, and integrated transformations of systems, schools and classrooms to ensure educational and long-term outcomes for students with significant disabilities. 4. Articulate broad research questions still be to answered by the field related to transforming educational policies and systems; converting buildings and schools, and supporting individual student learning and development in fully inclusive settings. 5. Understanding the future advocacy efforts of the TASH Inclusive Education National Committee in advocating to specific audiences (e.g., federal officials, state agencies, building leadership, practitioners, families and students) for the continued need to support values-driven research promoting inclusive education.

Mary Morningstar, Heather Allcock, Cheryl Jorgensen, Julia  White, Jean Gonsier-Gerdin, Janet Sauer