Supplementing Tier 3 Behavior Interventions with Yoga Program

This presentation elaborates on the benefits of yoga as a behavior interventions part of positive behavior intervention support for students with Emotional Behavior Disorder. Researchers have been looking for effective preventive interventions that could be much preferred. Yoga has been found to be an effective complementary therapy to promote well-being and reduce many of the factors related to physiological and psychological disorders. Participants attending this session will understand the theoretical and research basis for using yoga as Tier 3 behavior intervention. • Participants will realize and classify the components of yoga such as meditation, calm breathing and poses. • Participants will recognize individuals that will contribute to implementing a successful yoga interventions in school such as special yoga trainers, coaches and administrators.  • Participants will have a better understanding of how to implement a yoga program as part of positive behavior intervention support including all the basic elements • Participants will gain insight on providing yoga intervention as part of professional development and in service programs in school set up.

Sujata Norman