Successful Transition For Young Adults with Autism

It takes courage initiative and out of box creative thinking for families with young adults with Autism to successfully help them to transition to Adulthood. Session will share personal story of young mom and her use of collaborative planning and relationships to create fully inclusive and greater quality of life for her daughter and founded an Autism Human Service Agency in the process. After this session, participants will be able to create a successfull transition to community supports by performing the following: a) Create a Team Atmosphere with school staff, and community partners to assist in creation of a successful Transition Plan b) Produce a Personal Skills Tool Box for the individual with Autism based on an inventory of individual skills. c) Perform Community Resource Matching to match the needs of the young adult with Autism to assist with creation of the Transition Plan. d) Draft a Person Center Transition Plan for individual with Autism with appropriate target resources and dates for completion.

Lawana Jones