Successful employment: How Local American Job Centers (AJCs) Can Help

This interactive panel will discuss the many supports and services that are available to people with disabilities from American Job Centers (AJCs) and their partners. AJCs and the LEAD Center work to improve competitive integrated employment and economic self-sufficiency for people with disabilities. Learn about how AJCs, located in every community, work to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. 1. Identify services available through American Job Centers and learn about how to access them in their local communities.
  2. 2. Identify resources and partners who work with the workforce system to support job seekers with disabilities.
  3. 3. Hear success stories from AJC staff and people with disabilities who have used these resources.

One important partner is the workforce system, which operates American Job Centers (AJCs) in every community. AJCs work to improve employment outcomes for everyone, including people with disabilities, by increasing their participation in existing career pathways systems and programs. Their services are already being successfully implemented in the public workforce system in partnership with community colleges and other education partners, human services, businesses, and other partners. People with disabilities can receive support from AJCs at the same time as they receive services from other systems, like vocational rehabilitation, developmental disabilities, mental health and so one. Many people with developmental disabilities believe that they aren’t eligible for AJC services or that the services won’t accommodate their needs. In this session, participants will hear directly from people with disabilities and workforce staff on accessing AJC services to achieve their employment goals.

Rebecca Salon, Elizabeth Jennings