Self-Determined Peer Support for Transition and Employment Success

Mentors and support systems help guide and motivate us toward our goals. Our peers share experiences that can inspire us to try new opportunities and relieve our fears about those opportunities. Any transition, especially community employment, can be scary. As a self-advocate, learn to ensure that your support system understands your needs and is ready for your goals. By the end of this session, participants will be able to: – Learn about and understand potential barriers to a successful transition / employment and how they can impact your progress. – Learn about and understand important components of an effective support system. – Learn about and understand the importance of meeting with your support system “team” and ways to communicate with people in your support system. – Engage with presenter to discuss and brainstorm and discuss solutions to common and unique situations related to transition / employment opportunities. – Develop a personal list of people and resources that can make your support system work for your transition and employment needs.

Aaron Baier