Self Determination with Universal Design-Preparing Youth for Their Future

In this presentation, CBI Consultants will demonstrate Self-Determination instruction with an inclusive employment focus. Self-Determination increases successful transition to employment and positively impacts participants’ other life domains. We will highlight our research and the successful outcomes in Self-Determination instruction from a number of pilot projects using innovative approaches and universal design. As a result of this presentation, participants will:

A) understand the concept of Self-Determination instruction’s universal design is applicable to all individuals and leads to more inclusive and integrated classrooms, workplaces and communities.
B) utilize training strategies such as the Self-Directed Life Plan for individuals that they support
C) apply a more efficient, effective, sustainable model of employment services
D) understand the link between Self-Determination instruction and full citizenship
E) understand and use positive behaviour support strategies highlighted in our case studies.

Case studies will include individuals with disabilities using a person centered approach and also a case study of the universal application of Self-Determination instruction in a ‘typical’ and diverse secondary school environment.

Chad Bouchard, Jackie Edwards