Self-Advocacy in ACTION!

ACTION! stands for Advocacy, Change, Training, Information, Organizing, and Networking! These words are a way of life. Find out how the members of Project ACTION! impact the nation’s capital beyond the boardroom by contributing to their neighborhoods and faith-based communities, in testifying before the DC Council, and by teaching law and medical students about people with disabilities.

Learning Objectives:

  1. 1. Session participants will obtain ideas to replicate within their own communities – such as testifying before the city council, educating law and medical students about people with disabilities, and demonstrating for people everywhere that people with disabilities are people first.
  2. 2. Session participants will understand how being an active member of the community is among the keys to true change and societal acceptance of people with disabilities.
  3. 3. Session participants will take note of how Project ACTION!’s motto, “Let our voices be heard,” is not limited to advocating with words, but also with a positive spirit.
  4. 4. Session participants will consider the bridge between today’s actions and tomorrow’s outcomes for people with disabilities.
  5. 5. Session participants will gain insight about acceptable language regarding people with disabilities.

Kara Jones, Victor Robinson, Thelma Green, Steven Powe, Phyllis Holton, Rebecca Salon