Seeking Healthier Lives via Person Centered Planning, Self-Determination, and Medicaid

This session will provide attendees an overview on seeking options for overall wellness for persons with disabilities and ensuring access to choice options. Often individuals are denied good, quality medical care due to misunderstanding about restrictions under Medicaid guidelines. However in the true spirit of choice, Medicaid does provide one choice to seek the care they desire and what will provide them optimum health.

In this session participants will learn:

  1. 1. The prevalence of chronic illnesses for individuals with disabilities and the challenges in obtaining choice options for overall wellness.
  2. 2. How Person Centered Planning can assist in developing an Individual Plan of Service that will provide for Self-Determined choices to obtain one’s optimum health.
  3. 3. How these choices can lead to a healthier lifestyle as well as increase community access to proper provider services within health care.
  4. 4. An example of an individual’s IPOS will be discussed as both a child and an adult who received support via a Children’s Medicaid Waiver and a Habilitation Waiver, and how those were self-directed to include appropriate interventions as well as exercise and nutritional needs. Participants will also be able to discuss this with the presenters and learn about what resources and information was used to obtain access to the supports and services.
  5. 5. Participants will leave with knowledge that obtaining overall wellness, and choice options, are possible under Medicaid to meet the individual needs of those obtaining supports. Provided will be codes and cites from the Medicaid manual on how to do so as well as several case examples on how this is leading to healthier lives for individuals with disabilities.

Nicholas Gammicchia, Andrew Gammicchia, Carolyn Gammicchia