Sean Will Never Work!

Sean’s teachers told his parents he would need intensive supports his entire life. Paid integrated employment was out of the question. Through Discovery and Customized Employment, Sean’s team got to know him through the lens of what he could do. A job was negotiated with a big name employer.  Sean was the center of the process, every step of the way. Sean is the Future!

a) After this session, participants will be able to describe the premise behind the process of Discovery and to discuss how Discovery can be used as an age appropriate transition assessment
b) After this session, participants will be able to explain how to get to know the job seeker through observations and interviews in order to help determine what they can do for employment. They will also learn to employ a format for ongoing documentation.
c) After the session, participants will be able to summarize the steps necessary for negotiation when working with an employer to customize a job for a person with complex needs.

Renee Bullano, Lisa  Holland, Mary Anne Huband, Sean  Ryan, Liz  Leonard