Scriptural bases for inclusion in faith community

Faith communities are exempt under the ADA from accommodating people with disabilities and including them. The three Abrahamic faiths (at least) all discuss disability in their scriptures and, it can be argued, mandate inclusion in their communities. What are the bases for inclusion of disabled people as full members of faith communities, and how can we present the issues in language consistent with their beliefs? -explain what inclusion is and is not, in the context of faith community, providing at least two examples of inclusion and two of non-inclusion -State the rationale for using the language of faith to communicate the need for change to a religious community -use scriptural texts from a religious faith to engage that faith in serious consideration of real inclusion -develop a plan for encouraging change within their own faith community, using the images from “A Part or Apart?'” and “everyone’s Talking about A Part or Apart?”, its discussion guide, for presenting religious text as a starting point for discussion.