Rethinking the Link: Supporting Family, School, Community Linkages

A history and culture of distrust and conflict. The continuing effort to bridge the gap between families and school personnel is highlighted by terms such as “involvement”, “partnership”, and “collaboration” which underlie prevailing practices that allow school personnel to make the educational decisions. The purpose of this session is to address family-school linkages in culturally competent and responsive inclusive classrooms.    Issues of culturally competent and responsive family/school linkages are central to the field of special education. A culture of distrust and conflict often entangles successful partnerships and collaborations.  A case study will be shared as a way to develop a successful framework in bridging the gap between family, school, and community partnerships. The case study will provide useful strategies and supports that can be easily implemented at any school site. Rethinking our partnerships are essential to successful inclusion. The anticipated goals and outcomes for this presentation are as follows:  • Participants will develop a framework to successful family/school linkages.  • Participants will begin to unpack the common issues that break the link between families, schools, and local communities.  • Participants will examine ways to “rethink” the ways in which we build successful linkages.

Trisha Nishimura