Raising Expectations for Life After High School: Parents Share What Matters Most

The expectations of families have a powerful influence on the post-school aspirations and outcomes of young people with disabilities. We share findings from a large-scale study focused on parents’ expectations and support needs related to employment, education, and community life for their sons and daughters, as well as the avenues through which we might equip and support these families well to improve their future.

After this TASH Talk, participants will be able to:

(1) Understand the impact of family expectations on influencing post-secondary academic, community, and employment outcomes for children and young adults with disabilities;

(2) Leave with a broadened awareness of ways parents are preparing their children for the transition age;

(3) Communicate effective ways in which parent views may vary based on age, disability type, and geographic locale;

(4) Receive a toolkit of practical resources for raising parent, school, and community expectations related to employment;

(5) Use this information to advocate for potential changes to national resource development, professional development offerings, policy revisions, and collaboration between schools and community agencies.