Racial Inequalities for Students Placed into Segregated Spaces with a Subjective Disability

I will discuss several factors at play when it comes to the intersections between students with disabilities and students of color. This research is important to further disseminate a historical understanding of practices of segregation based on race and ability, which are still taking place within educational institutions. Through research on the various factors that are at play with the development of classification systems in special education, I hope to explain some of the issues that continue to flare institutionalized racism and prejudices against not only people of color and people with subjective disabilities but how this has become accepted within educational institution by using special education as a space to segregate students. I will first discuss the historical background of segregation in educational institutions and how it has led to the tracking and placement of students into spaces that set them up for failure. Throughout my paper, I feel the need to set up the historical background of segregation related to race but also to attitudes about ability and disability. By discussing the lasting effects that segregated spaces have on students.

Layla Dehaiman