Progress Monitoring and Data Collection: Using Apps on Hand-held Devices.

Applications (apps) developed for hand-held technology have become increasingly popular as an efficient and effective way to teach new behaviors. This session will include a demonstration of one app that has been developed exclusively for data collection and an app that collects user data within the app. Data will be presented from studies that use these apps by teachers and by persons with intellectual disabilities.

Participants will have specific knowledge about the pros and cons of the varying apps available for data collection and progress monitoring; a list of features/items to consider when choosing an app for data collection will be presented. Participants will know how to utilize two specific apps that will be demonstrated in this presentation, and strategies for generalization to the use of other available apps will be presented. Participants will be given specific strategies for discretely using apps to monitor the progress of students and for using apps for self-monitoring and self-regulation. Participants will also be presented with items/aspects to consider when developing apps that are used for progress monitoring and data collection.

Maureen Schepis, Dorothy Zhang, Shalu Rana