Paving a New Future — Developmental Disabilities Councils Leading the Way!

Advocates and parents from the District of Columbia Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) will share specific activities/stories on how they are creating and paving a new future for citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families while causing change that eliminates discrimination and removing barriers to full inclusion through strong leadership, advocacy, and improving their quality of life.

Participants in this session will have the opportunity to:

1. Become familiar with the mission and purpose of the Developmental Disabilities Councils (DDCs).
2. Provide specific examples of how DDCs involve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in support of greater independence, inclusion, empowerment, and the pursuit of life as they choose.
3. Discuss the importance and benefits of participating in the Partners-in-Policymaking program in your state.
4. Determine how to become involve with the DDC in each individual state and identify what future actions can be taken by workshop attendees once they return to their home state.

Mathew McCollough, Ricardo  Thornton, Gabriel Savage, Alisa  Jackson-Gray