Parent Perspectives on Inclusive Education: Examining Outcomes for Individual Students

Inclusive education gained popularity in the 1990s, but few schools in the United States have been successful in implementing this practice for students labeled with severe disabilities. How do parents view inclusive education practices for this population, and can parent advocacy move inclusive practice into schools now? As a result of this presentation, parents, teachers and advocates will be able to identify who the key members are in the successful implication of inclusive practice in educational settings. Participants will recognize some of the reasons that inclusive education is not a staple among schools in the United States. Discussion will include the lack of information on inclusive practices and why there is not one specific definition within the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act that describes or requires inclusive practice. Parent perspectives described in this presentation address why inclusive education would not work for their child and why the present services provided within an exclusive setting benefit their child. Individuals will brainstorm ways to create information that promotes the benefits of inclusive education to students labeled with severe disabilities.

Katie Staton