Pairing College and Employment for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

The University Participant (UP) Program is an inclusive college experience focused on preparing individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) to work in competitive jobs and live semi-independently in their communities upon program completion. This presentation will share personalized video resumes of job skills within paid internships, practical strategies for seeking competitive employment, and balancing work hours with auditing 7-12 credits while living on a college campus. Students with intellectual disabilities continue to fall behind other students in postsecondary education, employment, and independent living (Bouck, 2012; Newman et al., 2009, 2011). Expectations and opportunities have not been set high enough for students with ID (Carter et al., 2012). However, many postsecondary programs for individuals with ID are emerging and gaining positive paid employment outcomes with higher wages (Hart & Grigal, 2010). Session participants in this presentation will learn about (a) first hand video resume experiences, (b) relevant practices throughout the transition training program experience to improve job skills, (c) specific collaborative strategies for working with families/employers, and (d) overall balance of scheduling/additional college responsibilities for program participants while working.

Kelly Kelley, Jackie  Moore, David  Maennle, Becky Garland