Overlapping narratives: A foreigner’s perspectives on mis/representation of autism in American culture

By comparing literature which portrays autism through the perspective of neurotypical deficit views with personal experience as a foreigner in American culture, I illuminate parallels between mis/representations of autism and experience as a person from foreign culture. Moreover, by weaving in my narrative as a non-native English speaker, I show how being outside of the cultural norm positions me to look critically at dis/ability norms.

1. Participants will be able to relate narratives coming from missing cultural norms and language of a person who is new to American culture mis/representations of people with autism through the perspective of a neurotypical deficit view.

2. Participants will be able to experience “creative non-fiction” writing by exploring excerpts of presenter’s narratives and understand its potential to deliver one’s own story in a more powerful way.

3. Participants will be able to raise their consciousness on similar dynamics of oppressions upon multiple individuals and groups that exist outside of cultural norms (race, gender, sexuality, ability) and be more critically aware of ablest attitudes towards individuals with autism and other disabilities as well as different cultural backgrounds.

4. Participants will be able to realize the similarities between how the differences of marginalized groups are socially constructed.