Outreach and Support for Multicultural Families: Navigating Experience with Developmental Disabilities

Immigrant and refugee need support to understand their experience with disabilities and how to access services; however, the availability of culturally competent services is very limited in most areas. Presentation introduces service-delivery model utilized by Open Doors for Multicultural Families in Seattle and encourage transformation of current practice and community to achieve inclusion of individuals with diverse experience of disabilities and from multicultural background.

Participants will:

-Discuss and critique problems in existing service models that fail to reach out and fully include individuals from diverse cultural background

– Learn and identify key components in culturally and linguistically responsive outreach, practice and service delivery

– Produce strategies to initiate changes in practice at individual and/or at organization level to effectively work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and attend their needs

  • DAY 1. The Thursday Poster Presentation Session –Thursday, December 4. at  4:30 to 6:30 PM. Grand Ballroom North B. (Set Up will be from 3:50-5:50pm)
  • DAY 2. The Small meeting sessions – Friday, December 5, 11:15 AM-2:00 PM. Meeting Room 19
  • BEST Posters Awards- Friday, December 5 at 2:00 PM. Meeting Room 19