One family, Two sisters, comparing two different pbs systems for intervention

A complex case review involving two sisters who provide their own insight into PBS supports provided to them. Two service delivery models were used to provide teams with access to knowledge transfer that best met their needs. Video and data will be shared to highlight supports created by CBI and quality of life outcomes that have enabled these women to become more involved in community After this session, participants will be able to: demonstrate to participants the online training systems being used to provide knowledge transfer and support -How this system can support the practice of increasing goodness of fit when implementing PBS in multiple environments -To show participants how complex teams can be supported via face to face consultation and technology (learning management systems, video conferencing etc.) and how these two mediums can be integrated – to demonstrate PBS outcomes for two complex cases that have provided these two women with the ability to live in their community homes and have a high quality of life both individually and as a family.

Hatch Victoria, Adam Sherry