New Outlook on a Group of Brilliant People: Changing Preservice Teachers’ Views on Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

While a plethora of research on transition education exists, much less researched are “soft” outcomes. Within our program, some of the most profound outcomes have been organic; mediated by context. Being located on a college, many authentic and age-appropriate experiences involving college and transition students have emerged unscripted . We draw upon narratives of preservice teachers’ transformative understandings of transition and youth with significant disabilities.  • This presentation will explore the benefits of age-appropriate programming and help participants gain a better understanding of ways to implement this type of program in their community. • The presenters will raise critical questions about participation and integration of youth with significantly disabling conditions. • Participants will gain an understanding and appreciation for what the presenters refer to as “soft” outcomes of transition, i.e., outcomes that cannot be quantified readily but yet have a qualitative impact on the Quality of life outcomes both of youth with significant disabilities as well as their non-disabled peers. • Participants will gain some insight in the “soft” yet profoundly moving outcomes mutually enjoyed jby our transition students and their University peers. • Participants will gain knowledge of ways to promote “soft outcomes” of transition that go beyond youth with significant disabilities but their non-disabled peers as well.