NeuroDivergent Empowerment: Lifestyles and Cultures

Many NeuroDivergent people and their families are not represented in mainstream stories and images. This workshop brings people with different disabilities, levels of impairment, and lifestyles together to discuss how empowerment works in different communities. The future of advocacy work depends on broadening our organizations and prioritizing underrepresented groups.

Attendees will be able to:

a) analyze who is and is not included in mainstream portrayals of NeuroDivergent communities.

b) identify two strategies for diversifying organizations serving NeuroDivergent people.

c) find resources that show NeuroDivergent people who may also be: people of color, queer, and/or other underrepresented groups.

Kerima Cevik, Elizabeth “Ibby” Grace, Corbett Joan OToole, Tia Nelis, Bridget Allen