Legislative Advocacy

TASH theme, “Be the Future” are directly aligned. Our presentation topic Legislative Advocacy addresses the essential aspects need in order to make lasting change in the quality of life for persons with disabilities.  We will provide the audience with the HOW and WHY changing laws and policies. Our team will address aspects of how an ideal becomes a law and the responsibility of advocates.   As a result of our presentation the participants will know the fundamentals aspects of legislative advocacy, we will provide the participants with the base of written and oral testimony.  Our panel members from the Maryland General Assembly will summarize the legislative process the participant will know the important of knowing your legislative representative. How to develop a working relationship with their representative. And we will provide statistical evident of the correlation between advocacy and changes in laws. After this session, participants will be able to write and articulate in an effective manner testimony necessary for changing and or implementing new or existing laws.  They will understand the why from panel member’s personal stories. Our Educational consultant will provide them with the resources to further their skills and education in disability law. The participant will understand the WHY of it all from Ms. Speight a DC Advocacy Partner, mother and caregiver of a developmental disable youth. She will give her personal story of the legal challenges she face in getting justice for her child.

Caren Kirkland, Jasmine  Drayton, Lteefia  Montague, and Angelic Speight