iPad for Communication: iPad App Training for the Development of Independent Typing

This paper presents a case study of training on the use of iPad apps for people with disabilities to develop their independent communication skills. After observation of six weeks training, we have concluded that the use of iPad apps is effective to simplify certain elements and processes of independent typing skills, and therefore, it has become an easy and accessible tool for assessment and practice.

Participants will:

  • be informed about current literature on the training and use of iPad apps for communication
  • acquire information about various educational, communication, sensory, and academic apps that can be useful for people with disabilities
  • understand elements and processes for developing independent typing skills for communication
  • learn about how iPad apps can be used for both developing and evaluating communication skills
  • utilize the iPod’s practice format and some training components
  • learn about individual training cases, which include training session goals, types and usage of iPad apps, training and practice processes, and training results
  • recognize the roles of individuals with disabilities, facilitators, and trainers in iPad app training for communication
  • adopt and apply these research outcomes for their own situation

Eun Young Jung, Casey Reutemann, Katherine Vroman, Katie Nichiporuk