Intersected Black Caucus

1.Intro and purpose, critical priorities for us (Keith Jones)

2.Applying The Sanctuary Model© and Trauma-Informed Care: a Black activist’s view of changing the services conversation: Kerima Çevik

3Lecture and performance the Krip Hop Nation featuring local Krip hop artists: Leroy Moore Jr.. Krip Hop Nation addresses the discrimination against disabled artists in mainstream hip hop by hosting events, lectures &workshops.

4Cell Phone music exercise: Keith Jones

At the end of this session, participants will be able to: 1. Understand Black community concerns and issues not always addressed in general social justice advocacy 2. Increase cultural awareness and sensitivity to our intersected community and its needs 3. Present activism through music and spoken word as a strong method of creating change within our community 4. Encourage inclusion of Black activist community in local TASH  chapters through understanding how we communicate, organize, and reach out to our community.  5. Gain understanding of how to approach and partner with resources within our community  6. Gain talking points on a collaborative approach to advocacy that empowers the consumer and moves beyond repeated victimization to consumer partnership in solutions.

Kerima Cevik, Keith Jones, Leroy Moore