Innovative Approaches to Assist in the Employment of Individuals Dismissed as impossible to Employ

Our individualized employment supports work with individuals who have been unsuccessful with other employment supports.  We focus on the unique skills and needs of the job-seeker and supporting businesses in understanding the benefits of inclusive hiring practices with tools and resources to be successful.  This collaboration is leading to excellent outcomes for people who were labelled by others as incapable.   a. Differentiate between traditional employment supports and our approach to employment, and how these differences can help increase the chances of success. b. Understand what the “disability dollar” is and how they can use their buying power to support inclusive employment.   d. Be introduced to the “We Belong” campaign that is uniting Alberta agencies to collaborate more than ever before in the overall goal and best interests of people with disabilities. e. Look at employment through a business model lens.   f. Understand how to find and maintain meaningful inclusive employment for individuals with disabilities who have been dismissed as unemployable using tools that utilize the natural supports available.

Cindy de Bruijn, Vickie Mancini, Renate Burwash