Health and Nutrition All Equal

Everybody should have access to the best nutrition. Persons with disabilities are particularly fragile and need appropriate diet. Children with a quality diet can improve medically, cognitively, physically and psychologically.We can give them a better quality of life and optimizing their future. Understand and prioritize the nutritional needs for individuals with disability and realize it can be life changing to switch to a healthy diet.The global population is facing damaging diseases from poor quality food.Lack of essentials nutrients can be devastating for our children already fragile. A third of chronically sick children suffer from severe deficiency which will impact their general health, their cognitive and physical development.Their quality of life will be challenged even more. We must be sure that persons with disabilities have access to the most basic right of fresh and healthy food.As this day therapeutic diet can help control seizures disorders, behavior and improve physical strength.The right to a good nutrition is as crucial as any other rights.Individuals with disabilities must be follow by nutritionists to maximize their full potential have a good quality of life.