Full Meaningful Life After High School

Typically graduation from High School is one of the most exciting times of life.  However, for many young people with intellectual disabilities it can be a time of vulnerability of being put into an adult service world apart from typical peers and /or staying at home all day.   Instead life “opening up” it may become smaller and insular. This presentation offers exciting alternatives to transition. As a result of this presentation, participants will: Describe what an inclusive future looks like  Assist a young person to identify personal gifts, talents, and interests   Assist a young person to create a person centered vision of an inclusive life in a number of different life spheres e.g. work/career, education, recreation, home, and civic life.  Understand practical tool for making a vision a reality  Use practical tools to make a vision on paper become a reality  Understand the role of the facilitator in assisting young people to move forward with their plans for the future.  Understand the qualifications needed by facilitators to successfully assist young people to enter and grow into valued social roles that are part of their personal vision.  Talk to others about the importance of an inclusive mindset, development of a personal vision for the future, and the related best practice for making the vision a reality.

Mary Elks, Darcy Elks, Martin  Elks, Kristen Ludwig