Finding the Courses that “Fit” College Students with Intellectual Disabilities

College can now realistically “be the future” for many students with intellectual disabilities due to trailblazing efforts of the federally funded TPSID projects.  This presentation will focus on the experiences to date of a totally inclusive academic program at a large urban university that builds on student interest and career goals when facilitating selection of courses each semester.  Student experiences will be highlighted through videos. 1) Learn how a university program serving students with intellectual disabilities goes beyond the principals of “choice” and “self-determination” when facilitating selection of courses available to all undergraduate students at a large urban university. 2) Identify the “fit” between course selection, employment internships, and career goals and how this is done with individual students within a university setting. 3) Experience the student, education coach, and job coach perspectives in preparing college students with intellectual disabilities for future careers. 4) Learn how university procedural barriers can be dealt with when developing a fully inclusive academic program serving students with intellectual disabilities. 5) Review preliminary outcome data that provides evidence of student academic achievement which in turn supports career choice and employment.

Beth  Bader, Renee Bullano, Mary Anne Huband