Family Support Institute of BC – Strengthening and Empowering Families

The Family Support Institute (FSI) is a unique provincial society registered in 1985. FSI supports over 10,000 families each year by connecting them to our volunteer network of over 250 families. The volunteer families share experiences /expertise, connect families with each other, guide families to support in their regions, and facilitate training / educational sessions. FSI reduces isolation & builds capacity in families. – develop a peer mentor model that supports full inclusion and citizenship and honors the family voice – will know the ingredients that go into developing a family driven model that significantly impacts change and responds to the ever changing needs of families – know about the FSI model and how to implement something similar in other jurisdictions that meet and respond to family needs and choices – will be able to identify the qualities in quality family support and the values that are behind family to family interactions and connections – will be able to identify the conflicts and challenges faced with a non profit society that supports a diverse and inclusive population – will know how the History of Community Living in British Columbia has shaped the development of a family support model that includes everyone – understand the full benefits of family leadership and family driven mentorship – understand the power and strength in family to family support and how that intersects with inclusive education, community living, human rights and all other aspects of inclusion and support – will recognize the benefits of volunteerism and how that relates to family support and inclusion – pros and cons of volunteer based support – witness and understand the link between family leadership, inclusion in all community settings, empowerment and self advocacy, social network development and innovative practice.

  • DAY 1. The Thursday Poster Presentation SessionThursday, December 4, at 4:30 to 6:30 PM. Grand Ballroom North B. (Set Up will be 1:30-4:30 PM)
  • DAY 2. The Small meeting sessionsFriday, December 5 at 10:00 AM-2:00 PM. Mtg Planner Office A
  • BEST Posters AwardsFriday, December 5 at 2:10 PM. Grand Ballroom North B