Family members enhance the literacy and communication of teens with significant disabilities

This research focused on family members who were provided with a variety of communication and literacy-based strategies to engage youth with significant disabilities in literacy activities at home. Communicating about the ways youth can participate in literate communities is crucial to fulfilling personal relationships, academic success, and community inclusion. As a result of this session participants will be able to: 1. understand the different ways family members can enhance the literacy skills of youth with significant disabilities. These increased literacy and communication skills will increase the likelihood people with significant disabilities will be included in literacy activities. 2. understand processes to engage in literacy activities with students who have significant disabilities. 3. examine the activities that enhanced the communication between family members and students who have significant disabilities. 4. explore ways that family members can extend the interest and engagement in age-appropriate books and media for teens with significant disabilities.

Denise Clark, Teri Wegner, Ann Mickelson, Florence Muwana