Facilitating the Leap: Transitional Supports through Post-Secondary Education Programming

Overview of the SUCCEED program at HowardCenter Developmental Services in Burlington, Vermont. SUCCEED is an innovative post-secondary education program that provides comprehensive support for individuals with ID to attend colleges and universities in the Burlington, Vermont area. SUCCEED opened in 2008 and has six years of positive outcome data as evidence that our transitional supports have fostered increased independence for students across multiple settings. After this session, participants will be able to: 1. Design creative and individualized support strategies for facilitating successful transitions with students diagnosed with autism and other ID. 2. Identify key areas of independent living and residential supports for focused skill development and community inclusion. 3. Learn the steps for creating and implementing an effective process of data collection to measure progress in various areas of independent living. 4. Identify community agencies and organizations to partner with for wrap-around client services as it relates to independent living and post-secondary academic supports. 5. Summarize the importance of person-centered goal development and optimizing an individual.

Mark Prior and Jameson  Halnon