Experiencing, addressing, and improving accessibility within WMATA: WMATA Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC)

The Accessibility Advisory Committee at WMATA is comprised of representatives of regions covered by WMATA services with a disability. In this presentation I will talk about several programs with which the AAC has recently been involved and helped develop. Work of the AAC illustrates the benefits of program administrators working with program consumers in improving a public system for future use.

Participants will be able to describe how WMATA consumers are able to give feedback to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) staff and policy-makers.

Participants will be aware of where and when they can attend AAC meetings and sub-committee meetings and be able to attend them.

Participants will learn how to access an application for WMATA AAC on the web and the selection process.

Participants will also learn how to apply to the MetroAccess and discounted fare programs.

Participants will be able to recognize many recent activities of the AAC and will be able to suggest projects and discuss suggested projects.