Examining the Past Decade of Educational Settings for Students with Significant Disabilities

Data indicates greater movement toward education in more inclusive settings for most students with disabilities. Students with significant disabilities, however, show less clear trends. This study reports on the a decade (2000-2012) of LRE data for students identified with significant and multiple disabilities. The results indicate less positive improvements for subgroups of students. Further implications for supporting greater access to general education will be discussed. Attendees will be able to: 1. Understand the research methods and results of past research examining LRE trends for students with high incidence disabilities showing improvements over time. 2. Examine the past decade of LRE trends for students with low incidence and significant disabilities, often served in the most restrictive settings. 3. Discuss implications for policies and practices needed to improve results to ensure that students with significant disabilities are provided access and support to fully participate in inclusive educational settings.

Mary Morningstar, Jennifer Kurth