Embrace The Vision, Be The Change

In this powerful, vulnerable and motivational session, we’ll walk through the importance of having a clear vision, holding it together as an organization/team/circle of support, and why embracing the vision, collectively, is paramount in our ability to be true change-makers in our lives as ‘awakened’ citizens in our communities and neighborhoods. 1. People will have the ability to apply theories and concepts into their day-to-day work and lives as a means of enhancing services and community membership for the people we serve. 2. People will have the ability to share tools that are used to help start dialogue with people in ways we haven’t been accessing enough. 3. People will be able to access resources we talk about as a way to augment their learning while with us for this session. 4. People will be invited to think and act in new, creative and welcoming ways. Ways in which the way we interface with the world around us is the same whether we are “working” or not.

Kirk Hinkleman, Beth Gallagher