Educating Policy Makers to Support the Disability & Culturally Diverse Community Issues

Educating and Influencing Policy Makers to Support the Disability and Cultural Diverse Communities is one way to impact public policy change. When people unite and are pro-active regarding the well-being of themselves, their children and the community, elected officials are more inclined to make decisions that will support them. Especially the disability and culturally diverse communities because they are usually disenfranchised during public policy debate.

My objective will be to unite the disability community and people of color to speak in one voice. As a person of color who grew up in a poor neighborhood, I know personally the obstacles that culturally diverse communities face. I witnessed firsthand how poor public policy can disenfranchise individuals with disabilities and people of color. As a professional serving the disability community, I know how important it is to advocate on a daily bases for the rights, for the needs, and for the lives of individuals with disabilities. As a longtime advocate who grew up in a culturally diverse community, I know how important it is to advocate for people of color.

Another objective of my presentation will be to give people a better understanding of how to meet with elected officials while expressing the concern that people of color and individuals with disabilities have because they are traditionally left out of policy debate. It’s important that people of color, people who have disabilities, and those who come from low income or socially disadvantaged communities be given the right to be heard regarding policy decisions. Policy makers make decisions on a daily bases that affects communities through the United States. In many cases those policy decisions disenfranchise the disability and culturally diverse communities. Policy makers have traditionally supported those causes that have large lobby base funding leaving the poor, the disabled, and the disenfranchised with no voice.

My presentation will provide an outline on how to have a voice with elected officials. My presentation will also provide guidance on how to meet with policy makers, why it’s important to establish healthy relationships with elected officials, and why it is important to never feel left out of public policy debate because of one’s color of their skin or their disability.

Daniella Pirslin