Dreamcatching: Using PATH and MAPs for Planning with People and Networks

Aaron Johannes and Shelley Nessman are fascinated by planning processes that are inclusive, creative, welcoming to the support network of individuals and leading to authentic lives of connections and meaningful goals. PATH and MAPs have been updated by inclusion press and have also evolved with David and Faye Wetherow in B.C., keeping the processes fresh and meaningful. Let’s look at how and why! Participants will better understand person centred planning tools and their intention. Participants will be able to use person centred planning to create opportunities for community, connection, aspiration, hospitality and relationship. Participants will gain an understanding of some important skills and aspects of person centred planning. Participants will identify how the use of dialogic strategies can include new community players in meaningful ways. Participants will examine how other creative processes, such as graphic facilitation, can include everyone in the person’s circle and concretize their dreams. Participants will gain an understanding of how some important aspects of person centred planning necessitate rethinking how we provide supports and what our agencies, schools and services might look like.

Aaron Johannes, Shelley Nessman, David Wetherow