Diversity & Cultural Competency Morning Workshop

Examining Power: Bias and Equity in Education

This workshop is appropriate for all TASH Conference participants; especially parents, self-advocates, educators, administrators, researchers, and service providers.
In the same way that we all experience implicit biases—those prejudices and assumptions about people who are different from us—we also experience implicit biases about power.  Schools and school systems are steeped with environments where assumptions of power are strong.
Parents often defer to teachers and teams of educators against their instincts because the parents sense—either consciously or subconsciously—that they are not in a position of power.  Likewise, teachers often defer to administrators decisions because of the same dynamic.
This workshop, set within the context of recent Department of Education Office of Civil Rights data and the current research on equity in education systems, will support participants to examine biases and the collective impact experienced by students.
During this session the presenters will work to provide a safe environment to share personal experiences and stories, as well as providing tools and strategies for participants to take home.
Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Scott Roberts, and  Jenny Stonemeier.