Diversity & Cultural Competency Afternoon Workshop

GLBTQ Matters!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is interested in promoting Diversity & Cultural Competency in their organizations.  This event is strongly recommended for those in the following professional and personal roles:

  • State agency leaders and senior staff (Education, DD Council, VR Counselors,  Disability Rights and more)
  • Educators, Education Leaders and Resource Professionals
  • Adult Service Professionals
  • Attorneys and Advocates
  • Parents and Family Members
  • Self-Advocates



Building community and inclusion with and for GLBTQ people with intellectual disabilities- Tess Vo, John Balatka 

Until recently the experiences of GLBTQ people w/ID have been largely made invisible.  The sprOUT project engages GLBTQ people w/ID in a collaborative community-based program to build community among GLBTQ people w/ID across Canada, provide training/support, document/disseminate best practices and create educational resources, such as an award-winning documentary, to explore narratives of sex, gender, disability and resistance as imagined by members of the disability community.

Rainbow Support Group of Massachusetts: GLBTQI People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities- Patricia Carney, Pauline Bosma

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, queer and questioning (GLBTQ) people labelled with intellectual disabilities often experience multiple forms of systemic oppression. This breakout session will talk about the Rainbow Support Group of Massachusetts, a project of Massachusetts Advocates Standing Strong, funded by the MA Department of Developmental Services.

Supporting individuals labelled with DD/ID who self-identify as GLBTQPatricia Carney

This session introduces the work of self-advocates to organize and advocate in pursuit of lives that include self-determined sexual and gender identity and/or expression. The presentation will include personal stories from GLBTQ people labelled with ID/DD and describe projects in Canada, the US and Australia (via video), that aim to build community among GLBTQ people with DD/ID and advocate for rights, inclusion and self-determination.